Have a pesky Virus? Our team offers professional Virus and Malware removal at competitive prices to ensure your personal information is never at risk.


Is your computer running slow? We offer Tune-ups and Optimization to ensure your computer is running at the peak of it's ability.


Has your harddrive crashed or your computer isn't turning on? Our team is well equipped and able to handle it all; we can get you up and running again in no time.

Remote support

Don't want us to pick it up or work on-site? We offer remote support for our end users which eliminates our travel time and saves our end users a few bucks.


Computer Tips


Patches and Updates


Make sure that your computer has the most recently released patches and updates available. Keeping a computer up-to-date is critically important in ensuring any potential loop-holes or security vulnerabilities are closed from the patch/update.


Security software


Ensure that you have security software installed, it is the difference between a nuisance and a catastrophe. Even a small infection can turn into a larger problem without any form of security software. Some commonly used and effective ones are Trend micro, Kapersky, and Webroot.




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